We believe that such an educational forum should be inclusive to all

2019 Edition
Tiny marks

In 2019, MedFest-EG will be about the wellbeing of the future generations by focusing on children health. Across the dierent generations that we have witnessed and belong to, child care has gone through some enormous developments in terms of the modern age approach to child psychiatry, upbringing and disease management.

We plan to screen films that discuss children’s mental and physical health and portray them in realistic, humane narratives on screen. In line with our belief in the power of Art and Cinema, we want to inaugurate an informed discussion between filmmakers, young doctors and healthcare professionals and the general public, about the little ones whose world is larger than we can ever imagine.

According to Campas - central agency for public mobilization and statics, Over one third of the population in Egypt is below the age of 14. We believe that children deserve our attention and awareness of their mental and physical health issues. It is our social responsibility at MedFest-EG to build a bridge between the aected populations, health care professionals, and filmmakers to honestly discuss such issues in film and extend our outreach to parents, educators and child facilitators.

We, at MedFest-EG, are all working hard to reach this goal and would definitely need support not just to hold our main screening events, but also to broaden the horizon of the parallel program.

We plan to extend our events to an all-year program of screenings, performances and workshops in children hospitals, schools and NGOs working with children with special needs and those in underprivileged areas in various cities across Egypt.

Through this edition we hope to spark the beginning of a different kind of conversation about children health that would last well beyond 2019.

2017 Edition
Under The Skin

The first MEDFEST-EG edition came to the light in January and April of 2017,
Tackling mental health issues which have always been a part of the collective consciousness of communities. Whether spoken about loudly or shunned from public discussions, mental health has been and would always be a concern for us all and despite the occurrence of global changes towards dealing with mental health issues, stigmas are still there and correctly dealing with them requires communication; that would always be our goal.

16 FILMS from 8 Countries :Egypt, KSA, UAE, Sudan, UK, USA, Canada and the Netherlands.
3 Days in 2 Cities: Cairo and Alexandria.
27 screenings in 3 Venues: Markaz El Ibdaa, Falaki Theater and Jesuit Culture Center Alexandria.
17 Guests: from 4 Countries.
Over 10 TV and Radio reports: Nile FM, 95.04, Mega FM, Dream TV, Nile life, Nile Drama, CBC Extra, ON TV.
20 News Articles: Ahram Online, Al Masry Elyoum, Al Bawaba news, El Bayan and EgyptToday.
80% Audience: attendance of the venues’ capacity.

2018 Edition
About Her

The second MEDFEST-EG edition opened in April 2018, focusing on women’s health and well-being.

The female holds a special position in medicine and has always been an inspiration for art. They harbor life within their bodies and their journeys, health issues and societal problems involve and affect us all.
We wanted to showcase films that offer an honest portrayal of what it means to be a girl or a woman facing healthcare related issues in the modern world. We also initiated a parallel program to give a wider chance for interaction and reflection on the topics tackled in the selected films. There were 4 Workshops conducted by Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Artists. we had:

22 FILMS: from 11 Countries Egypt, UK, USA, Irealand, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, UAE, France, Sudan, Canada, and Germany.

5 Days in 3 Cities: Cairo, Alexandria and El Minya.
1 International Screening Session: in Festival International de Films de Femme “Regards de Femmes” in Tunisia.
33 screenings in 3 Venues: Zawya Cairo, Goethe institute in Cairo, Jesuit Culture Center Alexandria and Dar Sebastien Hammamat, Tunisia and Egypt Public Library, El MInya.
10 Guests: from 3 Countries.
Over 10 TV and Radio reports: Nile FM, 95.04, Mega FM, Dream TV, Nile life, Nile Drama, CBC Extra, ON TV and Al Arabeya TV..