About her 2018

Mind, body and soul

The Second MEDFEST-EG edition opened in April 2018, focusing on women’s health and well-being.

The female holds a special position in medicine and has always been an inspiration for art. They harbor life within their bodies and their journeys, health issues and societal problems involve and affect us all.
We wanted to showcase films that offer an honest portrayal of what it means to be a girl or a woman facing healthcare related issues in the modern world. We also initiated a parallel program to give a wider chance for interaction and reflection on the topics tackled in the selected films. There were 4 Workshops conducted by Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Artists. we had:

22 FILMS : from 11 Countries Egypt, UK, USA, Irealand, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, UAE, France, Sudan, Canada, and Germany.

5 Days in 3 Cities : Cairo, Alexandria and El Minya.
1 International Screening Session : in Festival International de Films de Femme “Regards de Femmes” in Tunisia.
33 screenings in 3 Venues : Zawya Cairo, Goethe institute in Cairo, Jesuit Culture Center Alexandria and Dar Sebastien Hammamat, Tunisia and Egypt Public Library, El MInya.
10 Guests : from 3 Countries.
Over 10 TV and Radio reports : Nile FM, 95.04, Mega FM, Dream TV, Nile life, Nile Drama, CBC Extra, ON TV and Al Arabeya TV..

Films Theme

A Medically Themed Film Forum


The list of believers in the power of art to change and the necessity of bringing medicine and film together, who joined us in the discussion panels and
workshops, is growing.


Dr.Mina El Naggar

Dr. Mohamed Rafik

Dr. Maged Maurice​

Omneya Okasha

Ahlam Akram

Dr. Jaidaa Farouk Mekky

Dr. Tarek Barakat

Ahmed Nabil

Parallel Workshops Program

We are taking the educational and artistic experience of MedFest-EG far beyond film screenings where we try putting together ideas and insights from different groups of healthcare professionals, filmmakers and children and their families in workshops and camps.

Schedule Day 1

April 20, 2018
Cinema Kareem, Cairo.
6:00 pm Entry
7:00 pm Welcome speech and introduction of the festival
7:30 pm Opening film ” Aurore”
“Aurore” by Blandine Lenoir (France ) 2018
Arab World Premiere
9:00 pm Discussion
9:50 pm Closing Day 1

Schedule Day 2

April 21, 2018
Cinema Kareem, Cairo
4:00 pm Entry
4:30 pm Short Films Screening
( About Her: Motherhood )

  • Waiting (USA)
  • Pip (UK)
  • Push (USA)
  • Con Madre (USA )
  • Sternkind (Germany)
  • Ama (France)
  • Marie (USA)
  • How was your day (Ireland)
  • Yael (USA)
  • Good Morning ( Egypt)

6:00 pm Discussion
6:45 pm Closing Session 1

Schedule Day 3

April 22, 2018
Cinema Kareem, Cairo
6:00 pm Entry
6:30 pm Short Films Screening
( About Her : Body and Soul )

  • Lollipop (Saudi )
  • Karouma (UAE)
  • Silent scream (UK)
  • Omnia (UAE/Egypt)
  • Bacchus (Denmark)
  • Red (Egypt)
  • Leila ( Canada )
  • Stop (UK)
  • Virgin male (Egypt )

8:30 pm Discussions
9:30 pm Closing

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